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We got several comments regarding the usability of the overview. The icons are small and hard to understand and it's not clear what can be seen here. The interface is confusing, to crowded.

It's hard to respond to that. One thing about the overview is that we are more or less treading new ground here. I have not come across any application that provides an overview like this. Most email clients and task managers give you a list of folders/projects and maybe the number of messages/tasks inside and at best an indicator if there are unread messages.

That's simply not enough.

To get a good overview we need to show more information. At a minimum i am not interested in the total number of messages, but how many of them i need to work on.

We want a concise summary of the state of our work.

So i don't know how to make the overview any simpler. Technically there is only one button per project. So as far as interaction is concerned, it is very simple. You can not select the individual icons, but only the project as a whole.

What makes it complex is only the amount if visual information provided. Here i think the tastes can differ a lot. Some people like dense information, some don't.

There is already a suggestion to replace the project list with just the total number of actions per icon for all projects together. Less useful for me personally, but could be provided as an alternative view.

Another thought is to use a tag cloud kind of thing and scale the project buttons according to the number of open tasks in each project.

I am looking for more ideas, however for now i am not working on the overview but focusing on other functionality so that we can complete the MVP and test actual usage.

I am sure the overview will evolve, maybe we find a way to make it less confusing, looking less like clutter. But less information would defeat the purpose. I want more information if we can find a way to fit it in without making it harder to understand.

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