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one day ahead (day 2)
(ˢᵒᶜⁱᵉᵗʸtask) | retreat | xiamen

Punctual at 9am in the morning the rest of the group arrives and we start discussing ideas. The main ideas were already presented: analysing e-commerce, product wiki and email-task-manager.

The most interest is clearly on the email-task manager.

So we go over the basic idea and then head out to lunch. we are somewhere away from the city so two taxis are needed transport us all to a place where we can find restaurants and also the meeting place for event in the afternoon. Aftr lunch we go shopping for a whiteboard. The local walmart doesn't have any big enough, but one of us lives in this area and knows a shop that has a large whiteboard.

In the afternoon we join a meeting of the techclub in the at-cafe. An initial impression makes this place look more open and flexible than the garage cafe in beijing, but that impression is soon corrected. It may have been the more youthful audience here that misled us. Everyone is required to pay 30rmb whereas in the garage cafe this rule is not enforced.
The internet is available via a service that requires one to hand over your weibo id. No luck if you don't have one.

As the room fills up the bartender announces that the first 10 minutes of the event is networking time. Noone networked with me, so i consider that a failure. The first talk is described to me as boring and lengthy. No matter, i concentrate on reading a book as part of the research for developing the task-email manager.

In the break we use the opportunity to quickly describe the project we are doing. The audience pays attention and people even give feedback agreeing with the basic problem.
During the next talk i am asked outside to meet a couple from sweden who is heavely involved in the drupal community.

Dinner is taken at a small fast-noodle joint. And then we split in two groups, one which heads back right now, and one to go shopping for snacks and other things we may need.
By the time the second group gets back the first group already has a structure of frames that can move around, allowing tasks to be structured and reordered.
So much that we are able to dive into the first attempt at sTeam integration the next day which we initially had scheduled for tuesday.

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