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Some of us have been called away from xiamen to meet some clients elsewhere and thus had to interrupt the retreat and delay the finale by one week.

That finale happened today: a coding-for-fun event at the angry robot coffee where we presented the progress of our work among the other projects there.

One group of students and a few other guests made it to the event. The students presented their project, a website that allows them to tag themselves and their peers with skills so that they can search for help based on the tags. An idea similar to hacker buddy. Another project was work on a drupal website. Myself, i worked on analyzing the codepaths for handling an http request in sTeam in order to find out if we can apply stylesheets to documents by default without breaking anything. As a special guest we were graced by Daniel Veillard, author of libxml2, libxslt and libvirt.

Almost a dozend people where hacking throughout the day until dinner time. Around 5pm we did a round of presentations where each project gave a rundown of what they worked on today. The feedback was throughoutly positive and it looks like we have 4 volunteers interested in hosting more events so that coding for fun in xiamen will hopefully be able to continue on a regular basis.

The state of the task-manager

We didn't get as far as we hoped. Progress was mostly hampered by lack of experience with jquery. But some of the basic features are already visible: you can see the inbox to the left, and projects in the center. The 'current' box on the right shows tasks that are selected to be worked on today. Clicking on a task/email will reveal the first part of the content for help with categorization. Double-click will open the whole message. Tasks can be moved around from box to box to categorize. Dropping a task outside of the boxes will create a new project.

The project boxes in the center can be moved around to allow arrangement of projects for convenience. Double click on a project will open it to zoom in onto that project and instead show the projects inbox on the right as well as subprojects in the center. Clicking on From will show the list of participants of that task, those that will receive an update when the status of the task changes. Entries in that list can be added or removed. The '[+]' button allows adding of a new task, status (like new and done) can be updated, as well as hours can be tracked. (for those that don't care about tracking time, this can be replaced with something else)

More work is still to be done, but you can see it taking shape.

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