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In this session we are going to build a simple RESTful API using the Zinc-REST package.

The base image is again Moose, now the latest build of Moose 5.1

You may watch part one, part two and part three of this series if you are interested to find out what lead to this point. They are however not needed to be able to follow this session.

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For part three of our workshop series we start from scratch, and build a small website that hosts nothing but static files from a memory FileSystem.

We are also going to explore the new development tools that are built in the Moose project

You may watch the first and second parts of this series, or you may jump right in here.

In the next session we are going to build the RESTful API to make this application functional

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In the second part of this series we transform our website to serve all content as files from a FileSystem object.

If you haven't yet, take a look at part 1

In the next session we will serve an actual web-application

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I am learning how to build a website with a RESTful API in Pharo Smalltalk. This project started during Google Code-In as a set of tasks for students to work on. A handful of students were interested and picked up tasks to learn Pharo.

Now that Google Code-In is over, the students are interested to continue learning and so i am running workshops with them, where we explore the tools needed to build this server.

The first workshop was held last week on sunday the 25th, and the next one will be on saturday the 31st of Jnauary. from 2pm to 6pm chinese time, that is 7am to 11am CET or 6am to 10am UTC. We will meet on freenode irc in the channels #fossasia and #pharo.

A part of website consists of static files. To simplify development and deployment, we want to serve those files from the smalltalk image. One way to hold several documents inside an image is using a memory FileSystem. The FileSystem class is described in the book "Deep into Pharo" in chapter 3.

In the first workshop we try to use the FileSystem class in a sample application. We use the tutorial "Building and deploying your first web app with Pharo" as a starting point, and adapt the code to store images in a FileSystem object.

If you want to follow along, please first complete the tutorial and then watch the screencast below to continue:

In the next session we will convert the rest of the website to using our FileSystem object.

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In November 2014 a workshop on Modern Web Development with Javascript Frameworks and RESTful APIs was held at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Chengdu.

The workshop covered an introduction to angular.js as well as building a RESTful webservice from scratch using the Pike programming language.

The workshop had about 15 participants at graduate student level.

To review the workshop, see the slides here.

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details about the event are on the BLUG website

Thank you for participating

to participate, please install Roxen and Gobby 0.4 (make sure you get the 0.4 version or gobby-stable, and not 0.5 or 0.4.94)

instructions to install roxen can be found in this video:

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